Dinas Projects

We are working on many projects to enhance Yr Hen Ysgol and also across Dinas generally. Many of these projects are in collaboration with the Dinas Community Council (DCC), Dinas Wellbeing Hub (DWH) and Dinas Playing Fields (DPF).

External table tennis

We have been successful in applying for funding for an external fixed wheelchair friendly table tennis table, and also a dedicated disabled compliant external picnic table. These were installed in February 2024. Many thanks to Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS) for their “Outdoor Connections” fund . This will encourage people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the outdoors and to meet. Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS)

One of the wheel chair, and baby buggy, friendly picnic tables with benches.

Hearing loop and disabled parking space

A hearing loop has been installed in January 2024. This broadcasts from our sound system to your hearing aid, by selecting “T”, where you can control volume. Many thanks to the Dinas Community Council for a major contribution.

A dedicated disabled parking space has been marked out near the ramp to the front entrance. We have two wheelchairs available in the hall.


We have converted Garn Fach into a “Warm Space”, or Snug, to provide a cosy meeting space. This room has its own kitchenette with free tea, coffee and biscuits, with milk in the fridge, to create a “Home from home”. There is a DVD player, radio, USB charging sockets, internet connection, board games, chess and cards. It is open for anyone to use on Mondays and Fridays from Monday 13th November 10:00-16:00.

War Memorial

The War memorial has been repainted, new hooks, new chippings, planters and Lavender planting. This was a collaborative project with the WellBeing Hub and the Dinas Community Council.

“The Well” refurbishment

The Wellbeing Hub refurbished the Well next to the Tennis Courts.

Tennis courts Orchard

The land beside the tennis court has ben left untouched for a long time. It is owned by the Community Council.

With funding from Pembrokeshire Coast Force for Nature, Dinas Wellbeing Hub gardening group were able to plant an orchard of native Welsh apple trees and 400 bulbs including native Welsh daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells. The next stage will be to introduce native hedging. The well site was also tidied and bulbs planted. Pembrokeshire Coast Trust, Force for Nature

Future projects