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The ‘Heritage Display’ in Yr Hen Ysgol –  the booklets and exhibition in memory of the Dinas Boys of WW1

These Dinas ‘Boys’ have been forgotten for the last 50 years and the total loss of ‘collective memory’ has  turned the annual service at the WW1 Memorial into an ‘anonymous ritual’.

Now that the hard work of re-discovering their families and their homes has been done, there is every reason to hope that the Community will renew its ‘collective memory’ of the Dinas ‘Boys’ of WW1.


The Heritage Display Area is a quiet space for contemplation near to the Memorial where the ‘collective memory’ can be renewed and the individual can reflect on the loss to each family and household.

It would be helpful if you could spread the word that there is a WW1 Exhibition on in Yr Hen Ysgol – tell them to check on Yr Hen Ysgol website when there is a booking and the door will be open.

Bois Dinas yn y Rhyfel Fawr – Rex Harries – 3 Ionawr 20 (1)